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Release Your Inner Shield-Maiden

We will help you identify your priority wellness needs and dream goals and then guide you toward mastery over both.

Discover elite nutritional health, fitness, and an empowered mindset by mimicking the lifestyles of female Viking warriors like Lagertha and Freydis Eriksdotter, the healthiest, strongest, and most emboldened women in history. Join our Shield-maiden community and experience "Strength in Sisterhood."

Program Director Wayne Coolidge, M.Ed., is an acknowledged Public Health and Wellness professional. He has accumulated 39+ years and more than 33,500 hours of "cutting edge" experience as a transformational fitness trainer, nutrition professional, wellness consultant, and ancestral health researcher/practitioner.

Kim, photo right, poses to celebrate one year to the day of her participation in our Shield-maiden nutrition, training, and empowerment program. You won't believe her "before" pictures!

Become a member and discover elite nutritional health, mindset, and fitness by mimicking the lifestyles of the healthiest and most empowered women the world has ever known.

Become a part of the Shield Maiden Life revolution today!


Fate whispers to the Shield-maiden "you can not withstand the storm." She whispers back "I am the storm."

Meet me and your Shield-maiden sisters on the inside, we'll show you how to; Be The Storm!

Super-charge your body with performance nutrition and Supplementation

Studying the lifestyle characteristics of healthy, physically dominant cultures provides valuable insight toward improving human performance and enhancing...


Conquer your world with a powerful Shield-maiden mind-set

An article published in the Guardian; Oct. 24, 2016, entitled “Why Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman” provides historical clues for the creation of the Shield-maiden mindset. “For centuries...


Focus your training and fitness regimen to become "Shield-maiden Strong"

Viking era men and women had few if any adversaries that they could not dominate. They profited from a near-perfect balance of nutrition, mindset, occupation, and training. Physically they were...


Personal Health, Strength, Growth, and Empowerment

Study and incorporate lifestyle characteristics from our ancient ancestors and a culture characterized by the healthiest, fittest, strongest, and likely most empowered women the earth has ever known.

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Shield-maiden Life forums, curricula, and events strengthen family ties while building life-long relationships, camaraderie, and a strong sense of community.

Membership includes the "Shield Wall" forum where you and your Shield-maiden sisters benefit from friendly conversation, tips, and knowledgeable advice.

At left, Shield-maiden sisters literally run through fire and smoke for each other in the "Tough Viking" obstacle race in Stockholm, Sweden, April 14, 2016.

"I am not a Shield-maiden because I always win,                                  but because I will  always fight." 



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