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Wayne Coolidge's

Release Your Inner Shield-maiden with Professional Lifestyle Support, Nutritional Guidance, Personal Training, and Health/Wellness Consultation.


Eat, Think, and Train Like a Shield-Maiden

Discover elite nutritional health, mindset, and fitness by mimicking the lifestyles of our Paleo ancestors and the healthiest and most empowered women in history. 

Wayne Coolidge, M.Ed., has 39+ years of "cutting edge" experience as a fitness trainer, nutrition professional, wellness consultant, and ancestral health researcher/practitioner.

His professional experience, academic preparation, and expertise in the advantages of Paleo/cultural health practices make him uniquely qualified to guide members to health, wellness, and perhaps the best shape of their lives.

Become a member and discover elite nutritional health, mindset, and fitness by mimicking the lifestyles of the healthiest and most empowered women the world has ever known.

Become a part of the Shield Maiden Life revolution today!


Fate whispers to the Shield-maiden "you can not withstand the storm." She whispers back "I am the storm."

Meet me and your Shield-maiden sisters on the inside, we'll show you how to; Be The Storm!

Super-charge your body with performance nutrition and Supplementation

Studying the lifestyle characteristics of healthy, physically dominant cultures provides valuable insight toward improving human performance and enhancing...


Conquer your world with a powerful Shield-maiden mind-set

An article published in the Guardian; Oct. 24, 2016, entitled “Why Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman” provides historical clues for the creation of the Shield-maiden mindset. “For centuries...


Focus your training and fitness regimen to become "Shield-maiden Strong"

Viking era men and women had few if any adversaries that they could not dominate. They profited from a near-perfect balance of nutrition, mindset, occupation, and training. Physically they were...


Personal Health, Strength, Growth, and Empowerment

Study and incorporate lifestyle characteristics from our ancient ancestors and a culture characterized by the healthiest, fittest, strongest, and likely most empowered women the earth has ever known.

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Shield-maiden Life forums, curricula, and events strengthen family ties while building life-long relationships, camaraderie, and a strong sense of community.

Membership includes the "Shield Wall" forum where you and your Shield-maiden sisters benefit from friendly conversation, tips, and knowledgeable advice.

At left, Shield-maiden sisters literally run through fire and smoke for each other in the "Tough Viking" obstacle race in Stockholm, Sweden, April 14, 2016.

"I am not a Shield-maiden because I always win,                                  but because I will  always fight." 



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