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Focus your training and fitness regimen to become "Shield-maiden Strong"

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

Viking era men and women had few if any adversaries that they could not dominate. They profited from a near-perfect balance of nutrition, mindset, occupation, and training. Physically they were robust and powerful.

Vikings were farmers first, and their physical strength and stamina profited from meeting the challenges of a tough existence in a challenging, sometimes brutal environment. They worked and trained to develop power and strength in the area of their bodies they referred to as their “battle Chassis.” It’s interesting to me how the foundational elements of fitness have come full circle. The muscle groups Vikings once referred to as their battle chassis are known to 21st-century fitness enthusiasts as their core.

Viking men and Shield-maidens were formidable and usually superior warriors because they could handle their weapons AND had the “rear end” to back it up. We’ll train all other elements of fitness as well to ensure that you get into the best physical condition possible.


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