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Super-charge your body with performance nutrition and Supplementation

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

Studying healthy, physically dominant cultures' lifestyle characteristics provides valuable insight into improving human performance and enhancing 21st-century wellness. Research reveals strong historical and forensic evidence that Scandinavians were some seriously fit and healthy people during the Viking age. I (Wayne Coolidge) also know from 40 years of study and research in biology and health sciences that diet and nutritional status are always the dominant factors in determining individual's and populations' health and wellness status.

Science has taught me that the food you eat has about an 80% influence on how your genes are expressed. This process is called epigenetics. Learn why the Scandinavian diet, especially when combined with elements of other ancestral diet plans like Paleo and Mediterranean, create a near-perfect eating plan and result in positive genetic expression. Not only will you learn why these diet practices are superior, but you will learn how to implement an individualized plan into your own lifestyle .to meet your health and wellness goals best


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