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Skjaldmær Share

Skjaldmær is the Old Norse word for Shield-Maiden.

Personal Health, Strength, Growth and Empowerment

Study and incorporate lifestyle characteristics from our ancient ancestors and a culture characterized by the healthiest, fittest, strongest, and likely most empowered women the earth has ever known. Shield Maiden Life features a Scandinavian-based lifestyle optimization program based on the lives of the female warrior Shield-maidens of Norse legend.

Iceland is an island nation populated by 364,000 persons of Scandinavian descent. Female athletes from Iceland like Katrín Davíðsdóttir and Sara Sigmundsdóttir, (left to right) dominate International Crossfit games. Don't worry; you can't reach their level of musculature and strength and become the best female athletes in the world overnight. You CAN choose your ideal, work toward it, and maintain it where you are comfortable.

How does a nation with about the same population as Bakersfield, California, produce the world's most physically accomplished and mentally tough athletes? They inherited...

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